Legislative Report

With the Snow and the Cold . . . We are abundantly aware of the Winter Season in Minnesota. It is hoped that we know too, that the Legislature is once again in session. This is the Long Session where Funding and Policy Legislation are crafted and vetted in their paths towards becoming our Law. Some attention has been paid towards controversial initiative like Gun Safety and Health Care Insurance Policy. Our focus is . . . and will remain . . . Pension Policy.

We can continue to be happy for Pension Legislation that became Law in the 2018 Session. We must also continue on our Path to advocate for Pension preservation. This year the focus turns to appropriation decisions. Our Pensions have been funded with dollars going directly to School Districts and then being paid to TRA and PERA for the Defined Benefit Pensions we earned. The 2018 Law provided for additional dollars going directly to the Pension Funds! This is different from what has been done in the Past. We support this Change.

We are paying attention to what will be appropriated for the Next Biennium. As of this writing, the Budget, for our new Governor Tim Walz, has not been released. It would be great, as was done by Governor Dayton, to see the dollars for our Pensions, that the 2018 Law requires, in the budget.

Our Annual Legislative Conference is being held on February 21st. In my last message I asked that we endeavor to get person(s) from each REAM unit to attend. The next Legislative Report will chronicle that Event.