Here’s a short story I included in my recent Christmas letter that I thought you might enjoy. We did have a good Christmas and are now looking forward to planning the REAM Conference in Granite Falls for this fall and getting my feet wet as your new REAM President. May you all have a Happy and Blessed 2019.

Well, here it is, only ten days until Christmas, so do you have everything done for this big event? I’m hoping most of you are almost ready and some of you may even have been ready for weeks now; but as for me, that’s not happening, at least not yet. Oh, I do have our Christmas tree up and lit, but that’s only because I never took it down last year. Seems much easier to just unplug it from the end of January until the first of December than it is to take it down and put it away. I used to do that, but by the time Christmas rolled around the next year, I couldn’t find the tree and had to buy a new one, so this way, I always know where it is, and it costs less, too! Besides, it’s one of the 3-foot tall trees, and it sits on a table by the living room picture window, so it doesn’t take up as much room as one might think. We also don’t buy many gifts and hardly receive any on Christmas or Christmas Eve either, so don’t need any room under the tree for them. Our kids are all grown up and even the grand kids don’t come to our home for Christmas, so it’s kind of nice to just have the lone tree in the house.

Years ago, when our kids were growing-up they would go out into our woods and harvest a live tree, drag it home, and spend hours putting it up and decorating it. Then the cat or one of the kids would knock it down by accident and we’d have to start all over again. One year it fell right on top of our youngest child. Boy, did he get scared and scream for all he was worth. From then on, we would anchor it to the wall with string or wire, which worked, but made it harder to take down after Christmas. And all those holes in the wall didn’t look good either. Then, there was the year that we had our neighbors over for Christmas Eve Dinner. When we exchanged gifts, each of the three guys gave each other a pair of those gold work gloves. All the same brand, size and color. Surely got a chuckle out of that one.

I’m sure most of you have similar stories when you think back on previous Christmases, so jot them down and share them with the family. This could even be considered a special kind of gift for the future. (Written on December 10, 2018)