Here’s hoping you enjoyed the Holidays!

The 2019 Legislature begins on Tuesday, January 8 and is scheduled to end on Monday, May 20.

This is the long session, and it is the Budget Year for this Biennium.  The new Speaker of the House is Melissa Hortman.  She and the House Majority Leader will select Committee Chairs and also the Chair of the LCPR.  That’s the Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement. The Chair of the LCPR will be from The House for the next biennium and will be a Democrat.  There will be five Democrats and two Republicans on the LCPR from the House.  The Senate will have five Republicans and two Democrats on the LCPR. The Senate is controlled by the Republicans and the Senate Majority Leader will appoint the Senate Members to the LCPR.  Since the big Omnibus Pension Bill was passed by the 2018 Legislature with five minutes to spare on the last day, I don’t think you will see any big changes in any 2019 Pension Bill.

The new Governor, Tim Walz, is a former teacher from Mankato.  That should put public education at a high priority.  Hopefully, there will be more money going to local school districts and perhaps some needed raises for our public educators.

REAM has a new five year Contract with AMBA (Association Member Benefits Advisors).  If you would like to help your local members become more informed about the AMBA Benefits they are entitled to, contact Kevin Slattery (651) 403-0554.  His

Email:  Kevin lives right here in Minnesota and would like

to come and speak to your local members.

REAM’s Board of Directors is in need of a new Treasurer, Secretary, Representative from the Duluth Area and a person to serve on the Board and see that our Membership

Letter gets through all the hoops during the summer and early fall.  If you or someone you know would be interested in any of these positions please let me know.  My email: and my phone number:  507-301-3609.

Hopefully, many of you will have some time this winter for some days in a warmer climate.  It’s a nice break from the long winter in Minnesota.  Anita and I plan to be in the Canary Islands on a cruise ship for several days.  I didn’t even know the Canary Islands are located off Africa and the Canary Islands are warm all year round.  We’re looking forward to this break from winter.