President’s Message

Salutations from your newly elected REAM President Jennie K. Hanson:

I was asked at last year’s REAM Conference if I would consider the President Elect’s position. I wasn’t sure at the time, but after thinking it over for a month or two, I decided that this is something I’d like to do because I already know so many of you and I wanted to help in any way that I could. If you want to know more about me, go to the website and read my article in the March 2018 issue.

This was a short-term position as I accepted the position of President at the September 2018 Conference. I know that I will have good people with whom to work and that they will help in any way they can. Since I live about 140 miles North of St. Paul, I will have to depend on those board members who live much closer to attend some of the meetings that I can’t. I am especially thankful to have President-Elect Paul Ehrhard and Past President Lonnie Duberstein as back up.

Thank you and recognition needs to be given to every member that serves on the REAM Board. All our REAM members need to be reminded that our board is made up of hard working, selfless individuals dedicated to serving. I can honestly say that if this wasn’t true, I would not have agreed to this position.

So, now I have just returned from our Annual REAM Conference which was held at Jackpot Junction in Morton, Minnesota. What a whirlwind of events, meetings, breakout sessions and general over all camaraderie. The folks who were able to attend were more than welcoming to first time attenders and to me. It seems like “Old Home Week” when we gather for our annual Conferences. So many friendships are forged during our time together. For those of you who haven’t been able to attend, please consider joining us at Granite Falls next year. You know that there are over 9,000 REAM members and only about 100 come to the conference. Maybe if you are one of those who do attend, you could encourage your locals to sponsor more members to attend.

I also want to congratulate Cheryl Huettl, Kay Morcomb and Lynn Montgomery for receiving the 2018 REAM Educator Award this year. Their dedication to REAM, their local units, and communities is to be applauded.

There are also many other retired educators that should be nominated for these awards, so think about nominating them next year. Nominations can be sent to Lindsay Lally at 5560 Lally Rd. Cromwell, MN 55726. Phone: 218-644-3739. Letters of nomination are preferred to emails.

Our country is at a real crossroads this year as the General Election is coming up on November 6th. All I can ask of you is to be informed, remember to VOTE, and to get your friends and neighbors out to vote. Our pensions and Social Security are always at stake. We can also protect our pensions by joining REAM and getting all our retired educators to join too. Did you know that there are over 40,000 retired educators in MN? We would like all of them to join us. We work for you! Numbers count!

Jennie K. Hanson