As we come to the End of the Summer, we have much to the thankful for. The year, 2018, will be known as a year of good results for all Public Pension Members. The Unanimous passage, the Governor signing into Law, the first Pension stabilization legislation in more than three years, gave rise to the fervor to celebrate. REAM leaders attended a Celebration Social that brought together all the Stakeholders, Legislators, and Governmental staff. It was a celebration of progress. . . And just as important, it was the recognition of the fact, that extraordinary Collaboration had occurred!!

Since that event, another significant thing happened. Organizations on Wall Street’s rating agencies (Moodys, Fitch) made it public that our State’s Bond rating was now moving up to the highest possible rating of. . . AAA!! It’s significant because our local communities, School Districts, Counties and State Government can now bond and borrow at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. Millions of dollars will be saved. Further, the Agencies cited that the Work Minnesota has done in making things right with our Pension programs is the reason Why!!

There is NO better “Truth Talking Point” about how Pensions benefit our Minnesota Economy!! THAT is what we should be talking about!!

Celebrate the good stuff. . . Yes!! Are we done now? NO! NO! NO!

It is my hope that you will attend our annual REAM Conference September 24-25. When our REAM Board gathers there, you will hear me. Join others calling for a GET OUT the VOTE effort. Those who represent us in St. Paul continue to be the largest single factor on what happens with the Pension Systems that allow us to Retire with Dignity. Please Come!!